Swordless Legend of Zelda 1 Run

Recently I completed a Zelda 1 Swordless Run, on both 1st and 2nd quest. Here is what I learned.

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The Game Backlog

steam-library-sampleTo say I have a lot of video games is an understatement. Discounting my physical collection of vintage games, modern console games and the like, I also have a huge backlog of games I have on Steam, through Humble BundleGOG, Google Play, Nintendo eShop, Xbox Live, and PSN. Also a few MMOs I’ll never play again.

I mean, just look at this number. Its insane. 218 PC games!

It’s quite possibly more than a reasonable person should own. Probably more than I can ever complete in the rest of my life (and I’m not even talking 100% completionist either).

One of the things I want to do periodically is revisit games on my backlog and mark them as complete or will never complete. Also document my progress as I go.

To that end I will start documenting my thoughts on games in my library. Some games I have a lot to say, and some games I won’t have much to say at all, but I at least want to share my thoughts on all of them at some point. They will range from the ultra popular (such as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim), to the reviled (Mighty No. 9, Duke Nukem Forever), to obscure indie games that few have played but should (Chroma Squad, You Have To Win The Game)