Completed Noah’s Ark Pokédex

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At long last, I have completed my Noah’s Ark Pokédex.

Well, with the exception of Volcanion, the Deoxys formes and the different Vivillon patterns.

The definition is as follows:

  • One of each Species (in National Pokédex numerical order)
  • One of each Gender when appropriate
  • One of each Forme where appropriate.

I also took the liberty of placing some of the shiny Pokémon in my collection and using them to fill in a few gaps where it made sense (ie Legendaries or unknown gender Pokémon). I also lumped the genie Pokémon animal formes in.

As I said, I still need to collect Volcanion, three more Deoxys formes, and I also need to actually make a Vivillon collection. Deoxys will be a pain, as it will require three more play thrus of ORAS. Volcanion, I have ample codes for.


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